We all carry things with us that speak to who we are and where we come from. Things that recall important times in our lives. This year, as part of Online Reunion Weekend, we’re asking alumni like you to fill the ‘Heritage Backpack’ the story of one special thing from your CEU student days with our community!  

What you share is up to you: A treasured keepsake. A song or poem that's always been there for you. A favorite recipe, passed down through generations. Whatever it is, it should be something that was important to you during – and tells a story about – your time at CEU.  

Share a photo/video of your item, plus a short description, here (Choose Contribute an Item) Then be sure to join us as we open the ‘backpack’ and share these mementos of our CEU days with our fellow alumni during Online Reunion Gala. 

Remember, what you share is up to you but ideally it something from your CEU experience and has a personal meaning and a cultural value as well.   

The backstory  

Heritage Backpack is the brainchild of this year’s Cultural Heritage Studies Program students, first year, who launched this website, hosted online events and collected dozens of ‘items’ submitted by CEU students, alumni, staff and faculty. Take a look (right)  

Now, eager for more heritage stories, they’ve opened it up to the alumni community as part of this year’s Online Reunion Weekend. So start sharing! 

Learn more: About the project 
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