Bifurcated Wallet


Bifurcated Wallet


In 2013, I held a Fulbright Austrian-Hungarian Joint Research Award to conduct dissertation research, spending two months at archives in Austria and two in Hungary before returning to the United States. Traveling back and forth between Vienna and Budapest frequently (as well as visiting relatives in southern Slovakia), I was constantly juggling both euros and forint. This wallet, which I found at the weekend craft market in Gozsdu Udvar, is like two conjoined wallets (and like a former dual empire?). It accommodated my two sets of currencies, transportation passes, SIM cards, etc. Every time I return to Central Europe, it is brought back into service. Even when it sits idle in my desk drawer at home, with my Europlug adapters, the wallet is a reminder of all the border-crossing I do when visiting central Europe. It currently contains 28 euros, 77 euro cents, and a Österreichisches Staatsarchiv visitor badge on one side, and 18500 forint in bills and 460 forint in coins, two expired Telinor SIM cards, my original BKV általános bérletigazolvány from 2009, and my ID/researcher cards to the Országos Levéltár, Széchényi Könyvtár, Szabó Ervin Könyvtár, OSA Archivum, and CEU on the other, ready for the next trip after the pandemic.





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