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Heritage Backpack 2.mp4
A compilation of all Heritage Backpack items shared in the first HeritageMe Quiz and Discussion.

My family is from Azerbaijan, one of the countries that celebrates Novruz (sometimes also known as Iranian New Year) on March 21, the spring equinox. This day symbolizes the coming of spring and new beginnings and is a very ancient pre-Islamic…

Intercultural Festival.jpg
Some of my fondest memories of CEU are from the two intercultural festivals I attended. The food, the costumes, the music everything was a beautiful showcase of CEU's diversity and community spirit. It made me feel so proud of be part of CEU. - Bruno…


In 2013, I held a Fulbright Austrian-Hungarian Joint Research Award to conduct dissertation research, spending two months at archives in Austria and two in Hungary before returning to the United States. Traveling back and forth between Vienna and…

I wear my father's old leather belt since I was a teenager. As a child, I hiked a lot with my family and I always liked my dad’s old military gear (he was also a professional soldier for a short time) that he only used for hiking. I loved these…

My mother's carpet.jpg
This carpet is my childhood friend. My mother bought it before I was born. It is not hand-made, but machine-made, it is not that old, maybe comes from the 1980s, and can be found in many households in Armenia. It is important for me because reminds…

This is a dish that my father does for our family, when we are together with our family in Budapest or in the Danube-Bend. I love eating it, but it is slightly time consuming dish to prepare. Try it and enjoy!

2 lbs Potatoes Any…

This 14x12cm icon of sf. Ilie (RO) is a contemporary - and, to be fair, minimalist - interpretation of the icons painted on glass common throughout the Romanian countryside, particularly Transylvania.
While I’ve only had it for a couple of years and…
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